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The Girls of South Sudan

Brave: The Girls of South Sudan. MAC’s new, eye-opening exhibition of bravery, oppression and survival.

As a conflict, war-burdened country broken-out just two years post independence, South Sudan holds the lives of people suffering from poverty and severe humanitarian struggles. With over 4 million displaced and 7 million left in hunger, it becomes clear why award-winning photographer Kate Holt regularly travelled back to the country, after living there between 2005 and 2006. Holt’s soon-to-be-displayed documentation allows a sense of this cruel reality to be shared, spreading awareness and provoking empathy.

‘Brave: The Girls of South Sudan’ focusses on the young, adolescent women’s struggle in-particular; from lack of education and food, early pregnancy and violence (to name a few). Through the use of striking imagery, Holt, in collaboration with Plan International UK, portrays a sense of life for the teenage girls living in the world’s youngest country. Alongside personal stories of individual experiences, the work deserves recognition for it’s powerful, documentary-based visuals.

Plan International UK, as a global charity working to provide a better quality of life for all children, is proud to present this powerful series. The charity acknowledges particular difficulty for girls growing up with challenges such as taking charge of their own body. They fight to allow all children the same opportunities and safety. With distinct relation to the upcoming exhibition, in South Sudan, Plan International and the Disasters Emergency Committee have been providing essential tools to help communities grow crops and provide for their families. Saving lives and impacting well-being is at the root of their involvement.


Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) in Birmingham will be hosting the exhibition in the People’s Postcode Lottery Community Gallery, from Saturday 30th March – Sunday 19th May, 2019. View the works here any time between 9am – 9pm, with free entry, for an emotive experience and recognition of the remarkable girls of South Sudan.


Event: Kate Holt artist talk, 9th May – Join internationally renowned photojournalist Kate Holt to discuss her exhibition, Brave: The Girls of South Sudan, and her wider practice.

Event: Kate Holt: Story Telling Through Photography Workshop, 11 May – A rare opportunity to spend a day with internationally renowned photojournalist Kate Holt. Students will learn how to document their experiences using photography and how to craft visual stories. Tickets £38 available from here.

Words: Laura Wilcox

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