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Lacoste X Keith Haring

LACOSTE X KEITH HARING: A brand new collection bringing the abstract to our wardrobes.

A fresh, youthful spirit with a deep-rooted artistic concept; this collection brings extra creativity to an already renowned innovative designer, rooting right back to Rene Lacoste’s invention of the polo shirt in 1933.


With Lacoste’s tribute to 1980’s street-art legend and general pop artist sensation Keith Haring, the brand new collection is sure to be an exciting one. Fans of Haring’s work may recognise the famous figures used which add electricity throughout, as well as discreet, effective features of Haring’s “Barking Dog” and “Heart”.


The collaboration brings an array of these iconic drawings and bold primary colours to a selection of polo’s, T-shirt’s, shirts, sweatshirts and dresses. Swimsuits are also featured in the collection, as well as three unique watches for the younger generations. For subtle elements of Haring’s work, buyers should look to the collection’s bomber jackets, sneakers and reversible tote-bag linings. Detail is key as designs appear to balance each other harmoniously, giving bold coverage and subtlety in all the right places.


Words: Laura Wilcox

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