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To order copies of Capture My Heart, Lord, click on the button above. The price of $16.95 per copy includes tax. Shipping and handling expenses are additional. FREE shipping and handling is available to orders of 12 or more. Please send further questions to orders@laurawilcox.net. The 4 minute video clip below features highlights from the celebration of the launch of the study.  
What does a heart that is being captured by the Lord look like? Hopeful, Peaceful, Steadfast, Wise, Courageous, Truthful, Pure, Joyful. These attributes are the titles of the sessions you will dive in to along with an overview of the word heart.  This nine- session refreshing Bible study encompasses daily assignments for 5 days of the week and weekly group interaction with a leader's guide included. As you take this journey through God's Word, you will also receive doses of inspiration for your own road through the stories of women like Macrina, Perpetua and Katharina Von Bora who have gone ahead in church history.  Put your hand in God's as you walk down the wonderful path of His truth in Capture My Heart, Lord and discover a deeper experience of a heart captivated by Christ. 

Capture My Heart, Lord was most unique in that it exposed the heart in all its dimensions.  Exploring many biblical and historical characters made for quite an adventure.  More importantly I was taken on a personal journey of discovery to see my own heart condition which was a very powerful, cleansing experience!  Stephanie

The sessions are presented in a way that allowed me to receive a different perspective on Scriptures I've read before.  I’d read it and think, "I can't believe I never even considered that." Pat

The Lord has gifted Laura with the ability to weave modern and historical stories with the greatest story ever told.   Wendy

In the pages of Capture My Heart, God’s word provided more affirmation than I could possibly swallow.  It was a downpour of truth that I actually grasped between my spiritual teeth and digested it with great joy and freedom.   Lauren

This study was a wonderful opportunity to examine my heart through God's eyes and the lives of some amazing women in the Bible.  It made me realize I am not alone in my feelings, circumstances, or wants by demonstrating how faithfully the Lord worked in the lives of these ladies.     Alicia

Capture My Heart challenges the reader to examine the vastness of their heart in wonderful ways. One session might capture the moment you are facing right now in your life more than others, but seemingly, you will relate to all of them.  Enjoy the awakening to your heart.    Julie